What Are Good Gifts For Fly Fishermen?

Whether it's a birthday, religious celebration, or just to give a gift on a whim, there are numerous items that could bring a smile to even the most hardened fly fisherman.

It can be hard to decide what to get, so here we’ve handily provided you with a few options to help you on your way.

Fly-fishing Tackle Bag

It is important for any fly-fisherman to keep their tackle protected, but also easily accessible. They may appreciate receiving a tackle bag that will meet these needs.

There are so many options to choose from. Whether it's a chest pack, backpack, daysack, sling sack-you want to go find something that will help a fisherman resist the harsh elements of their trip in an organized way.

Something waterproof, but breathable, lightweight, but durable, and with an easy grab handle would be absolutely perfect.

Transporting Gear

So often rods get damaged and you would not even know there was a problem until the thing snaps in the middle of a fishing trip.

A lot of the time, this is down to the way the rod has been transported. It gets knocked or bashed by something while you are on your way to some fishing grounds, and then suddenly, you hook a big fish and that damage becomes a disaster.

A travel case for someone's rod would go a long way to offering some protection. Or you could opt for buying a rod rack for someone's car so that the rods can sit safely on the roof rather than bouncing about in the trunk.

Waterproof Gear

It just makes sense, whatever the weather, that a fly fisherman would appreciate some waterproof fishing gear as a gift. It is not as if they’re going into the middle of a dry desert in an attempt to get a catch.

A lightweight, waterproof, breathable wading jacket, perhaps with some pockets to keep the essentials would make a lovely gift.

Some neoprene gloves would be especially useful in cold weather, when you do not want to stick your hand in the water and have it turn immediately into a block of ice.

Similarly, during the summer months, a pair of breathable sun gloves will offer a fly fisherman's hands the protection from harmful UV rays that would work much better than sunscreen, which will just end up being sweated off.

Wading Boots

If getting into a river to fish were easy, then everyone would be doing it.

Rivers can be dangerous places at the best of times, and a fly-fisherman needs the correct footwear to ensure that they can manage the terrain to the best of their ability.

Look for a good sole that will provide the traction and resistance that an angler needs to be comfortable, and make sure that it has laces that will be able bear the stress of heavy usage and the soaking they are going to take.

An Outdoor Backpacking Tent

Fishing trips don’t have to be a one-day adventure. They can be turned into a true event that can last a few days at least, especially if someone owns the right tent to battle though any conditions that mother nature might throw their way.

A comfortable, spacious, easy to set up tent can be used to get a bit of shut eye, or just protect oneself from inclement weather, and it’s a gift that can be used again and again and again.

A Journal

Every fisherman has at least one tale to tell, and once they get going with their fishing stories it could well evolve into a whole night of fun.

If you know a fly-fisherman who enjoys picking up the pen as much as they do picking up the rod, then a journal dedicated to the jotting down of their fishing yarns could make the perfect gift.

In years to come they will be able to look back at what they have written and perhaps give a more accurate description of just how big the river monster they caught actually was.

Magazine/Website Subscriptions

All of us can learn – even the most experienced anglers. As time goes by equipment develops, techniques become enhanced, and the stories people have to tell become more and more engrossing.

A subscription could be a great gift for anyone who enjoys keeping up to date with the fishing world or those who wish to try new things based on the experiences of others.

While the internet means you can get an awful lot of information for free these days, there is still enough unique content behind a paywall that makes a subscription worthwhile, and also keeps the companies that produce the content in business for the long term.


This would seem like the perfect place to start when looking for gifts because every fly fisherman needs accessories, and there are some useful items you can buy that fit just about whatever budget you are looking at.

You could save someone the time of a trip to the fly shop searching for replacement tools, tippet, floatant, and flies by getting these items into a nice little hamper of fly-fishing goods and giving them as a gift.

And this is the sort of gift where you don’t need to worry if the person you are buying for already has it because any fly angler will tell you, these things break, get lost or are just finished at a moment's notice. It is always handy to have some in quick supply.

Final Word

That is our list of the best gifts for fly fishermen.

It is by no means extensive, and we are sure there are many options that we have not mentioned from fishing books, to fishing memorabilia and even fishing art.

Perhaps your fly-fishing friend might even appreciate one of those dancing salmon that were all the rage a while back.

However, we are confident that you can’t go wrong with any of the gift options that we have offered up and hope you have found the perfect gift idea for your fishing friend or loved one.

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